May 16 - 18, 2018
Loews Hotel, Atlanta, GA

Deborah Wiest

Vice President, Training & Development
UnitedHealth Group #6 F500

4:40 PM Panel: Turning Dispassionate Learners Into Dedicated & Inspired Ones: A Step-By-Step Guide to Implementing Self-Directed Learning

This session will highlight the revolutionary shift away from traditional classroom-based learning to self-paced realities. Attendees will hear about the powerful features and benefits of a SDL program, including; flexibility, responsibility, relevancy, ownership and empowerment. .
-Hear how SDL can facilitate the creation of a robust and sustainable learning culture
-Discuss the business need for guarantee, but the L&D difficulty of showing this as a conclusive result  
-Highlight the digital tools and technologies that facilitate SDL
- Hear how bite-sized adaptive learning fits into the SDL journey 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Deborah.

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