May 16 - 18, 2018
Loews Hotel, Atlanta, GA

Chris Bower

Global Director, Center for Learning
General Motors #8 F500

9:10 AM Using Learning Analytics to Drive the Organization Towards Measurable Business Outcomes

In 2015, General Motors Center of Learning made a commitment to invest in measurement and analytics to ensure relevancy and alignment to the business.  They wanted to get beyond LMS metrics and begin integrating business outcome data in their analyses.  To get started, they developed a holistic Measurement Strategy that included traditional measures (Levels 1 through 5), a rigorous up-front needs analysis process, and regular methods for collecting voice of customer insights. They also adopted the Measurement Map, in partnership with business stakeholders, to illustrate alignment to business goals.  Center of Learning’s explicit focus on measurement has created a culture of “Measure to Prove and Measure to Improve.”
During this session, attendees will learn:
·         The value of formally, and regularly, collecting learner and business partner feedback to inform your learning strategy
·         New approaches for getting the most out of your Level 1 data
·         The basics of creating a Measurement Map
·         Tips for conducting a Level 4 study that integrates learning data with business data

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chris .

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