May 16 - 18, 2018
Loews Hotel, Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

9:30 am - 10:00 am Registration

10:00 am - 10:15 am Welcome Orientation & Speed Networking

10:15 am - 10:25 am Thoughtexchange Welcome

10:25 am - 10:30 am Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10:30 am - 11:10 am Project Accelerate! Developing Top Talent in the Age of Constant Disruption

Mark Benton - VP, Talent Management & Org Effectiveness McKesson #5 F500
Being a successful leader in the 21st century is not for the faint of heart.  Inspiring and leading others through economic volatility, workforce uncertainty, complex change, and an ambiguous marketplace are ever present issues facing today’s leaders.  To navigate these disruptive waters, organizations need strong, resilient and agile leaders.  With so many distractions and limited resources, organizations are finding it hard to accelerate their leadership development efforts while balancing business performance.  At McKesson, we are no different.  However, we are learning the art of leveraging challenging times to accelerate leadership potential. Let’s engage in a discussion to gain greater perspective and insights:
  • Navigate the complexity organizations face when developing high-potential talent during constant change
  • Identify and leverage critical experiences to develop high-potential employees on the job
  • Measure the impact of a HIPO program and the employees it produces

Mark Benton

VP, Talent Management & Org Effectiveness
McKesson #5 F500

11:10 am - 11:40 am Owning It: Learning Leaders As Strategic Business Partners

Julie Veloz - VP, Learning & Development IPG Mediabrands #355 F500
Are you a learning space leader that feels sidelined? Do you wonder why other departments are as successfully partnering with the business but not yours? Do you wondering how you can demonstrate your work and how it contributes to the bottom line? Do you like lonely walks on the beach?
If any of those things ring true, come spend the best 30 minutes talking about how you can be front and center taking your seat at the table where the decisions happen, by using data and training metrics.
During this session attendees will learn how to:
·         Use Pre-and Post-Survey Data
·         Present Data in a way that the business will understand and get excited about
·         Think about ideas that will showcase you as ‘a business owner’ not just a department leader 

Julie Veloz

VP, Learning & Development
IPG Mediabrands #355 F500

11:45 am - 1:20 pm Brunch & Networking Activity - Painting A Brighter World With The Foundation for Hospital Art

1:25 pm - 1:55 pm There is Much To Do. What Should We Do?

There is no shortage of challenges in business management education.  It is a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.  The mix of technological advances, demographics, and other forces create opportunities and threats.  Moving forward, it is vital to consider the roles we all play in meeting the diverse needs of lifelong learners.  Yes, we must leverage technology and understand the impact of the growing digital generations (“Generation Z” and “Millennials”) we serve.  Nonetheless, we must not lose site of the foundational goals and elements of management education and training. 
·         How far, and at what speed, do we travel the technology highway? 
·         How much investment do we make in designing programs that meet the learning behaviors and goals of the digital generations? 
·         What are our responsibilities to both the modern learner and the organizations they work in now and in the future? 

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Business Meeting

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Business Meeting

3:00 pm - 3:15 pm Networking Break


3:15 pm - 4:00 pm Video Training of the Future: Key Video Innovations that Will Change the Way You Approach Training
Video training has been one of the leading ways savvy CLOs stretch their budget and scale up training programs. But we’ve come a long way from the early days. Today’s video training can be more interactive, engaging, personalized, and accountable than you realize. See how real companies like yours are innovating and learn how to:
  • Go beyond pre-packaged content by easily creating your own custom videos
  • Integrate video as a native component into your existing platforms
  • Create interactive video assessments
  • Build a globalized training strategy that easily adapts across language and cultural barriers


3:15 pm - 4:00 pm The Secret to Offering Feedback that Inspires Action
Ideally, feedback should inspire people to learn, grow, and push the edge on what they are capable of. Sadly, too often it results in resentment, disengagement and damaged relationships. 
That’s a real problem—for your entire organization—because people need feedback so can learn fast enough to keep pace in our ever-changing world. That’s why that so many companies are moving to “in the moment” development.  Clearly, the ability to offer feedback that engages and inspires is essential—and elusive.
Join Dianna Anderson, CEO of Cylient, for a lively, interactive learning experience where you will discover for yourself how to offer “in the moment” feedback that inspires people to take action

4:00 pm - 4:40 pm Bugs Bunny and the Case of the Learning Culture

In this interactive session participants will be asked to consider learning and culture in some new ways. We’ll discuss process, brain science, group learning and we’ll get a change to put Thoughtexchange through its paces as we explore what is important to this group of CLO attendees. 

This session will highlight the revolutionary shift away from traditional classroom-based learning to self-paced realities. Attendees will hear about the powerful features and benefits of a SDL program, including; flexibility, responsibility, relevancy, ownership and empowerment. .
-Hear how SDL can facilitate the creation of a robust and sustainable learning culture
-Discuss the business need for guarantee, but the L&D difficulty of showing this as a conclusive result  
-Highlight the digital tools and technologies that facilitate SDL
- Hear how bite-sized adaptive learning fits into the SDL journey 

Deborah Wiest

Vice President, Training & Development
UnitedHealth Group #6 F500


Christine Belknap

VP, Talent Development
NCR Corporation #409 F500


Rose Sheldon

Director - Claims Learning & Development
Allstate #84 F500

5:25 pm - 5:55 pm Business Meeting

5:55 pm - 6:25 pm Business Meeting

6:25 pm - 6:55 pm Cocktail Reception

6:55 pm - 7:25 pm Dinner